How to Solve the World’s Problems by a 3 Year Old.

We usually don’t allow our 3 year old daughter to watch TV. We believe the bombardment of constantly changing images in the early years of brain formation shortens the attention span of children and also creates in them an expectation to be entertained all the time. Then it becomes a leap of faith for them to sit quietly to read, study, and solve problems when they grow up. Anyway, this was one of those times when she was watching TV inadvertently because I had the news on.

She saw a violent scene on TV, a car on fire because of street rioting. She said, “Fire! Look Papa!” I told her, “That’s not nice fire, bad people did that.” Her reply? Classic.

She said, “They should say sorry otherwise they will cry. I thought, “That’s right, they should say sorry, otherwise people will cry.” She added 2 more tips to save the world, “We should pray and give them Emprizone (which is a brand of aloe gel we use on her skin).”

I thought, “Why that’s right! We should pray and also we should go put some healing gel on people’s wounds.” It was a plan that contained both spiritual and practical solutions. She had summarized a brilliant plan to solve the suffering of humanity at the age of 3:

1) everybody say sorry,
2) do something helpful spiritually – pray,
3) do something helpful naturally – put lotion on hurting people’s wounds!

Jesus would have approved her plan. He gave similar recommendation in the story of the Good Samaritan, who did what the priest and Levite wouldn’t do. He cared for a wounded stranger by pouring on some oil and wine (representing Jesus’ saving blood and the healing anointing of the Holy Spirit), then he took the wounded to an inn and paid for his costs (representing the church and provision for all ministry necessary to make this person healthy again). Jesus said spiritual people should pray and do something practical for other people.

Alexis understood this principle as a child. She is already acting like a wonderful Samaritan.