How to Make Friends

We all need love, but we also need friends. There’s a lot of talk about relationship and dating, but not much on friendship. How do we make good friends? Here are a few words of advice. Pick which one matter to you most. 

Friends not only know each other, but they also know each others’ friends. If you believe you know someone well, but don’t know who their friends are, more likely you don’t know them yet. You can know a lot about a person by the people they choose to surround themselves with. 

If you date someone, “date” their friends, too. What I mean is, don’t just go out on dates alone, but date your friend in a group context. FInd out who their friends are and why they like each one. And if someone is dating you but are not interested in your friends, then they are not really interested in you as a complete package yet. They like something about you, but have not made the effort to get to know you beyond a “you and me only” level. Perhaps in the initial novelty phase of a courtship that will satisfy, but in a long-lasting relationship, good friends will want to know each others’ friends. 

Friends don’t need to try to convince. Friends don’t need much persuasion. Yes, friends differ in opinion, but friends like similar things and share similar interests. C.S. Lewis said friends are sort of like two people walking along a path and turning to their side to find, “O! There you are!” We both happen to like similar activities and the shared interest creates a mutual bond. The more activities you do with someone, the more friendship bond is created – quite naturally. It’s not forced or coerced. It should not seem akward and contrived. Just go out an find an interest, get involved in some activities – church is a great place to start – and you will instantly make some new friends! Then find out who their friends are, and if they want to know who your friends are, then you both are on your way to building a good friendship!  

I’ll share more thoughts on friends as I’m inspired. Your friend who shares an interest in Blogging activity! 




Two Magic Words

When our children object to our command or ask us a question, we try to answer them with reason. But if it’s followed by stubborn objections or endless questions, we teach our children to say two magic words that end a long conversation and settle the issue for everybody: “Yes Mama!” or “Yes Papa!”

Most kids grow up hearing the word “No!” more than the word “Yes!”. “No, don’t touch,” “No, don’t play over there,” “No, don’t yell.” Is it any wonder when we hear back from our children the defiant “No!”?

Of course there is a healthy and appropriate use of “No” but we have made it a point to develop in Alexis a habit of saying “Yes, Mama” and “Yes, Papa”. How?

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