Health Lessons

One of the benefits of travel is learning about how different cultures keep healthy. What i am finding out as i travel more places, meet more people, and generally get older is that nearly everything the modern media tells us is a lie!

Contrary to modern assumptions, people from traditional cultures are not backward and ignorant of what’s good for them. They often experience less health challenges than the so-called educated people of the West. This should come to us as no surprise if we just consider all the toxic chemicals that we educated people put into our hair, on our gums, under our arms, in our homes, and even in our water and foods.

Traditional culture doesn’t even need secret remedies to give them an advantage over our commercialized culture. If we simply stopped using, spraying, rubbing and eating synthetic chemicals, we would be instantly healthier. But traditional culture does offer some great forgotten solutions and neglected remedies. I will share more with us as I think of them from my past travels, or as I encounter them in my future travels.

Although I am not your doctor, I am my own doctor. I need to be an expert about my own health because nobody cares about my health more than I, and because so much advice I’ve received from medical professionals in the past have been utterly wrong.

I’ve proven it in my own life that I can remain healthy while traveling, eating exotic foods, and changing climates drastically from country to country. People comment that I look young and I feel young. So I am not offering you medical advice; I am simply recording my advice to myself. These things helped me and my family. You decide what to do about your own body.