Littering is Sin

As I travel in developing countries I notice how much dirtier they are than Christian countries. Here is my inspired thought.

We have a problem defining what is sin because we really don’t have a concept of what Heaven is. Heaven is a perfect place, the kind of perfect that each of us would truly enjoy, no crime, criminals, poverty, pain, stinky smells or noisy traffics. It is an environment filled with love, beauty, grace and giving. A place with no stress and no sin.

Now how would one go about defining the qualifications to enter this place? God has done a pretty good job with the 10 Commandments. But somehow religion has done us a disservice by misconstruing the Law: Pharisees justify their violations of the Law, bending the law and finding ways around the law. For instance, most people today really believe they are a pretty good person because “I haven’t killed anybody”. Jesus dealt with this misapplication of the Law by teaching, “You heard it said that you shall not murder, but I say to you if you hate anyone or ever call anyone a name, you’re already a murderer in your heart!” John added, “No murderer has eternal life.” You see, no one will hate anyone in Heaven, so no hater can ever be allowed in Heaven. Simple logic.

The Bible examples are perfect and it’s impossible to improve on them, but for the exercise of modernizing an old lesson to a new audience, I’d like to take you into my imaginary world for a moment. Pretend with me that I am the gatekeeper of Heaven for a moment, and I get to choose the qualifications for entry. I would make one of my modern commandments very simple: thou shalt not litter. Continue reading


Science and Life

I am not a scientist by profession, but I did study university level chemistry and biology, finishing top of both classes. Science, if it is honest, is just one way of studying what God has made. It helps us know God more, but it is certainly not the only way of looking at the universe or knowing God. Even Einstein said, “God is subtle,” meaning God rewards those who think deeply and search for Him diligently. Hebrews 11:6 says “He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.” As I think about science, I think about God. As I think about God, my ability to reason fulfills its raison d’etre. More thoughts to follow…

Health Lessons

One of the benefits of travel is learning about how different cultures keep healthy. What i am finding out as i travel more places, meet more people, and generally get older is that nearly everything the modern media tells us is a lie!

Contrary to modern assumptions, people from traditional cultures are not backward and ignorant of what’s good for them. They often experience less health challenges than the so-called educated people of the West. This should come to us as no surprise if we just consider all the toxic chemicals that we educated people put into our hair, on our gums, under our arms, in our homes, and even in our water and foods.

Traditional culture doesn’t even need secret remedies to give them an advantage over our commercialized culture. If we simply stopped using, spraying, rubbing and eating synthetic chemicals, we would be instantly healthier. But traditional culture does offer some great forgotten solutions and neglected remedies. I will share more with us as I think of them from my past travels, or as I encounter them in my future travels.

Although I am not your doctor, I am my own doctor. I need to be an expert about my own health because nobody cares about my health more than I, and because so much advice I’ve received from medical professionals in the past have been utterly wrong.

I’ve proven it in my own life that I can remain healthy while traveling, eating exotic foods, and changing climates drastically from country to country. People comment that I look young and I feel young. So I am not offering you medical advice; I am simply recording my advice to myself. These things helped me and my family. You decide what to do about your own body.

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Inspired Thoughts

These are my thoughts inspired while I travel around the world (40 countries and counting). I travel for God, divine cause, humanitarian aid, adventure, fun and sometimes… to do nothing at all… except write.

My intention is that my children will read my public diary one day and enjoy the wisdom and experiences I gathered on my journey with God through life.

You’ll get a good story, free tips for your health and travels and some random, hopefully profound thoughts.

A 3 Year Old on How to Approach to God

The next morning after returning from China, I was woken up by Alexis bouncing in her playpen, trying to get my attention with these words, “I love you, Papa. I promise I’ll be quiet and I won’t touch anything. Can I come out of the playpen?” She repeated these 3 statements a few times before I finally awoke with a smile on my face.

Right there in a little child’s mouth was the formula to approaching God: praise, promise, and petition.

First she praised, “I love you, Papa.”
Second she promised, “I’ll be quiet and I won’t touch anything.”
Third she made her petition, “Can I come out of the playpen?”

What was I to do? I was powerless to deny such a request. I got up out of bed, walked across the room and picked her up out of the playpen. Then we snuggled and played in bed.

We should approach God the same way as a child.

First, we ought to praise Him, “I love You, Lord.”
Second, we can make appropriate vows, not to manipulate or bargain with God, but to show our seriousness and sincerity, “I’ll follow You. I’ll obey You to the best of my ability.”
Third, we present our request to Him in the form of a faith prayer.

When I first became Christian, I promised God, “I’ll serve You and tell people about You, but it would be pointless if I got the whole world saved but my own family went to hell. I will preach the Gospel to other people’s family members, You take care of my family members.” I made a vow and then made a request. Within 12 months, all my immediate family members got saved in Australia, America and Africa.

Christians may not know the power of vows. They are not the same as bargaining with God. They spring from a heart that understands what the Father wants. When Alexis said to me, “I promise to be quiet,” she understood what we wanted in the morning: a bit of peace.

Our little girl was successful because she not only knew what we wanted, but she also knew what she wanted. Too many Christians don’t know what God wants of them and aren’t sure what exactly they want themselves. Saying “whatever God wants” will not get you out of the playpen. Going up higher with God requires a better understanding of both God and your needs. The secret of successful prayer is first praise, then promise, then petition.

A 3 Year Old on Love and Worship

When I came back from 3 weeks in Thailand and China, my 3 year old Alexis greeted me with these unforgettable words, “Welcome back, Papa! I want you, Papa. I want you all the time.”

Hey, after hearing that, I was ready to give her anything! And I had bought her a bunch of gifts to time-release to her. If such simple words can delight a father’s so much, I imagine how our words can delight God the Father’s heart, too.

The Bible says, “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings Thou has perfected praise.” Worship pleases God, and we can learn its importance from children’s words.